From molestation at a young age, an abusive marriage, devastating divorce, overcoming statistics and character defamation, Linda Chiyoge is the epitome of resilience. 

Her story proves one should never subscribe to mediocre but only thrive to live the abundant life of God's promises even when all odds are against you! Her testimony inspires thousands to never settle for less regardless of your past!  She is operates under a strong anointing of DELIVERANCEAs a first generation preacher, she is prophetic intercessor whose voice shift atmospheres, breaks strongholds, by prayer through the power of The Holy Spirit !

Being graced with the gift of healing and the miraculous, God uses her powerfully in this area.Linda Chiyoge is also spiritual advisor and solutionist to leaders in the 5 fold ( Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists , Teachers) Not limited to bishops, those in the market place--and just every-day people.

Through her prophetic gift and wise counsel (beyond her years),God uses her to solve the most complex situations individuals face- both personal and ministereal.

Apart from the pulpit, her many accomplishments include being a serial entrepreneur whose taken the market place by storm with multiple brands that have skyrocketed with much success. She inspires many with her authenticity , love, boldness and transparency.Linda Chiyoge is an advocate of Holiness and repentance.