If you constantly see your challenges in the lenses of defeat, you'll for ever be a victim Here is a reminder of what I have been through:

-Molested from age 4-8

-Abusive marriage

-Devastating Divorce


-Abused and heartbroken by men most of my life

-Character assassination

-Severe friendship hurt and disappointment to the point where church leadership had to intervene

-Depression almost to the point of death- NO EXAGGERATION HERE

- and so much more I can't share right now


But here I AM. God delivered me. I'm whole and HEALED. Empowered and equipped to overcome WARFARE through PRAYER ... And set others free. Im not special neither am I better than anyone. I just believe YOU too can overcome anything through Christ. A firm believer of His grace and mercy which HE extends to anyone HE chooses. You are His daughter and never allow your circumstances define you. What you are going through is a stepping stone to your journey of success and growth! GET UP AND RISE!


Let me bring it home, so according to statistics, because of my past and the many obstacles I encountered , I'm actually supposed to be a MAJOR FAILURE, mediocre , useless and a nonentity. According to statistics, I'm not supposed to be a preacher, I'm not supposed to be changing lives, l'm not supposed to be impacting my generation, I'm not supposed to be relevant.AT ALL.

But thank God our lives are in His hands and He's gracious to deliver us. I don't know what the state of your life is I don't know what battles you're dealing with Maybe you're still trying to catch your breath What IS certain is that God is with you What is TRUE is that there is purpose in your pain And what is INDISPUTABLE is that the HAND of God is upon your life and the enemy is well aware.

So his agenda is to warn you out, defeat you, keep you bitter, still your strength so that you never see God's promises. Come one now, why do you think he contends with you so aggressively? Remember the women you admire were ruthlessly fought by the enemy but they came out triumphant with a testimony. So will you!

I want to teach you how to become an EFFECTIVE prayer warrior and intercessor so you can always have the upper hand on overcoming everything that the enemy throws in your life. Learn how to pray strategically with results!

Those of you who have been connecting with me on the prayer line since 2015 have witnessed the oil that GOD has placed on my life when it comes to PRAYER, DELIVERANCE AND INTERCESSION! I’m extremely passionate about this join my Cohort and movement " SHE ALWAYS PRAYS"

I am product of PRAYER and grace. Much of my success was produced by prayer, fasting,  obedience ,holiness and consecration. PRAYER WORKS!!  I’m a witness  and a beneficiary of it.

She Always Prays" is a movement to equip, empower and raise prayer warriors and intercessors who destroy the enemy's agenda concerning their lives and those they love.

Teaching women how to fight spiritually through PRAYER, FASTING and CONSECRATION.Giving you strategies on how to pray effectively for victory over every battle!In this cohort, you'll learn how to dismantle your adversaries through PRAYER.

You'll learn how to remain prayerful and successfully engage in spiritual warfare without being overwhelmed and dealing with counter attacks and retaliation from the enemy. You'll have foresight over the plans of the enemy . You'll learn how to spiritually execute and take him down before he attempts to strike . You'll become A fiery lioness that will ROAR,  travail and prevail in prayer. The Lord will empower your voice , it will TERIFY the enemy! You’ll become on of the most powerful INTERCESSOR and prayer warrior in your bloodline!

GOD has placed an unusual grace on my life when it comes to PRAYER, DELIVERANCE AND INTERCESSION! I'm extremely passionate about this to the the glory...And The Lord of told me it's time that I raise others ...I hope you'll be one of them!

I want raise an army of SNIPPERS who no longer want to remain victims of the enemy's tactics!I want to REVIVE and resurrect what which God had already placed on the inside of you that's been laid dormant! You're already capable, it just needs to come out and forth and God has graced me to do it.



  • @EloriaMichelle SAYS: It wasn't until I began calling the prayer line and joining  Prophetess Linda on IG live that I realized how much my life and destiny depended on it, that I could not be the woman God called me to be and live with generational curses .Prophetess Linda is so real and raw in the most loving way, (She’s the real deal). You can't deny the power of God and what he has for you. My private phone sessions were quite the experience.  She went above and beyond the call of dutyBy hearing from God, she instructed me on what to do and how to maneuver in this season of my life. I was floored when she told me specifically what the Holy Spirit revealed!  It was only God. Since our session my Mom has been healed from cancer.  My business is soaring with celebrity clientele, which also what she prophecied months ago . Everything and then some came to pass.I didn’t realize how much spiritual weight I was carrying until I went through prayer and deliverance.If you haven’t made an investment in your spiritual life yet I highly suggest that you do. Schedule a private phone session with her! Join her programs/Courses and prayer line. I’m a living witness and this is my personal testimony that Prophetess Linda is a woman of God!!!! I’m forever grateful for this divine connection. My friend Kiesaha Chanel shared an IG live with me and my life has never been the same. Thank you once again for everything and may God continue to bless you abundantly.
  • @Martine.518 SAYS: Good evening Prophetess Linda! I want to thank God for your life and your ministry. The private phone session was an extreme blessing to me and my destiny. The phone sessions are truly life changing and my life is an testimony of that. I always loved the Lord but I was not in alignment with the plans he had for me in my life. Prior to connecting with Prophetess Linda, I was dealing with confusion in the areas of my career, relationship, and overall destiny. During the phone call, the Lord revealed things to Prophetess and she gave clear insight and strategies on what to do next based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Towards the end of the phone call, I felt like a burden was lifted off of me and I gained a new confidence about my life and what to do next in regards to my career and business. Connecting with Prophetess Linda has literally turned my life around for the better. Confusion has loosened its hold off my life, I am now engaged to be married due to her prophetic instructions and counsel, and I have clarity as it pertains to my overall purpose in life. For anyone dealing with confusion and/or is seeking Godly direction, I highly recommend booking a private phone session. Prophetess Linda is a woman of God who walks with the Holy Spirit, she helps push people into destiny through the prophetic and prayer. She is very integral, and overall wants to see people set free. I truly thank God for her life! Amen
  • @snowie_hadebe SAYS: Prophetess, i just want to say thank you so much for your existence in my life, I thank God for you. I came across your page last year when I was still pregnant, I was depressed, I had anxiety,i stopped attending lectures at school, I was traumatized,I had even attempted suicide.I was in an abusive relationship before, he left me broken in more ways than a few. I started joining prayer line every morning, and your live broadcasts, and i joined the 21day special program you held it was a Healing program, the Holy Spirit addressed a lot of things that I highlighted above, after that I wasn't depressed anymore, I had an overflow of JOY, I took my life back, God gave me another clean slate,I started attending church services, I would anoint myself with the oil you prayed for, the dark cloud looming over me left and I was delivered from anxiety and depression. In April I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, I was so happy. The Holy Spirit brought you into my life for a reason. I feel like a lot of destinies have been placed in your hands by God, to help his people. You're humble and soo dedicated to your ministry. You're so accurate in the prophetic, and you address everything with humility. Even when you reprimand you do it with love! I pray God increases your territory in Jesus Name amen.
  • @LADYGENI86 SAYS: While life counselors and therapists are extremely helpful, most often they don’t address spiritual issues – especially strongholds that cannot be broken through therapy but only in the spiritual realm.  My interaction with Prophetess Linda has been powerful since the day I’ve followed her. She first interacted with me through Instagram live while she was praying. It was right there when I first interacted with the Holy Spirit that operated through her and she had no idea who I was. She said deep things about my life that only GOD knew – so I knew it was the Holy Spirit was definitely speaking through her.  I was amazed!! So after having that powerful Instagram live prophecy, I knew I had to book a one-on-one session. The call was supposed to be only 30 minutes, but the call lasted an hour. Before my one-on-one session, I struggled with the spirit of rejection, anxiety, and depression.  Rejection was something that really had a hold on me because of some of my past failures in my career, friendships, and relationships. I was holding on to hurt that span back to over a decade, but in that one-on-one session, the Lord broke the chains. I felt the burden of rejection lift off of me. I cried out to the Lord, but at the end of the call, I cried tears of pure joy which I’ve never experienced.  Prophetess Linda is a true servant of the Lord. Humble and authentic If she says she’s praying for you, she is. If she says she’s fasting and interceding for you, she is! If you need spiritual results to break strongholds and having issues of getting a prayer through, book your one-on-one. I would encourage all ladies if you’re dealing with a broken heart or a tough situitation
  • @Simply_Unforgettable1 SAYS: "My husband and I had been trying to conceive. Due to my age and preexisting conditions we made a plan with doctor. They told us that we’d more than likely have to do invitro and have some type of assistance. I was crushed. That night I laid myself out before God and gave all my anxiety and fears to Him. I was very honest about how I was feeling, but told Him my desire for this child. I asked that He give me peace about it and help me to trust His will.  Prophetess Linda offers FREE private phone sessions ..So a week later I scheduled one the with the intentions of only discussing employment/purpose direction. She called me the day BEFORE my scheduled phone session. She said God told her to share with me that He heard my prayer and by this time next year I would be a MOTHER and that It would be a miracle baby! Prophetess Linda did NOT know ANYTHING about my situation concerning my womb and I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I trusted Him.I hadn’t had a menstrual in months, I wasn’t ovulating. Negative test after test I stood firm on Gods word. I held on to that prophecy!  I even bought a baby onesie as an act of faith! Well fast forward, the word of God has come to pass.  I am now elated to share we are expecting our miracle baby in January 2023!  I am in total awe of Gods healing of my womb. This was a big lesson of faith to TRUST GODS TIMING. My God is faithful and His word never fails!! "
  • @Diana_nek SAYS: "Hello Prophetess Linda,I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to your calling. You are indeed a mighty prayer warrior in God's army and we truly appreciate you. When I was initially connected to you, my husband was urgently admitted to the hospital due to a diagnosis with AML (leukemia). He had no symptoms, he just happened to go for a routine check up and was told that he can't go back home. I connected with you a little after that and you prayed, prayed and prayed for us and with us. God spoke through you with spiritual instructions for us. They were SPECIFIC and detailed. It was like a doctor giving a patient orders.  But in this case, it was supernatural.We followed the #spiritual instructions faithfully. Several months later he was declared cancer-free.!! The cancer team believed that he wouldn't make it, but the GOD that we SERVE had the last say.  We still keep in contact with the healthcare team at the hospital and they're still in awe of how my husband has been renewed, restored and rejuvenated. And we tell them that it's not us, nor the treatment alone, but by the Grace of God.  To God be the glory!.  I also wanted to quickly share that I had another one-on-one phone with Prophetess not too long ago. I never revealed to her who I was,  she began to prophesy to me concerning my future business endeavors. Every word that she spoke aligned completely with what I was envisioning for my business ...what only I knew. I was so shocked that tears of joy began to rush down my face. It literally was confirmation. God is indeed using you in a mighty way, Prophetess and I'm still in awe of what he's done and continues to do in my family.May God continue to bless you abundantly.With love,Diana. "
  • @Sarah_OseiManu SAYS:"Good evening Prophetess Linda!! I really don’t know where to start from. I am out of words!! God bless you and honour you my Prophetess!  I have a testimony to share. I joined the private session call in June 2023.  You actually spend hours and some days interceding for me and my family. You took my case so personal! You spoke so much life into me by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I was in a season of pain & fear. But you encourage me to rise up on my feet! You then Prophesied to me that God is about to promote me every soon at work before the end of July 2023. I received I call exactly the third week of July to start a Job opportunity by 31st of July 2023 that will pay me DOUBLED OF MY SALARY FROM $30 PER HOUR TO $65 PER HOUR!!! My God!! JESUS did it for me! His word came to pass!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you WOG! May the good Lord bless you. May He give you Grace and Strength in everything you do. May He honour you in Jesus name